About Me

Who am I?


My name is Henrique Miguel Ribeiro, I am a Web Developer from Portugal, currently working as a Web Developer at eBay Kleinanzeigen and living in Berlin, Germany.
I have always been a technology lover, and when it comes to computers, I love everything. Hardware, Software, Operative Systems and Building and tweaking computers.
I had my first programming experience at young age while trying to streamline and improve my computer and Internet usage.
Then, I thought of making my own simple software for my daily needs, so I could learn more. Made some apps like an IRC client, web browser and some games using Visual Basic.
When the time came to decide my future, I made the obvious choice and decided to follow the Informatics course, so I could improve my skills and learn a lot more.
I started to work as a Freelancer at the age of sixteen, making some small software and websites mostly for friends and acquaintances. I still do it when I have time.
I continued my studies in the area of Communication and Multimedia on my bachelor, where I first tried PHP and knew immediately that it was made for me. With the need to make some goods on the front end side I’ve then tried JavaScript and jQuery developing then expertise in these technologies.
I’m a big fan of OpenSource Software and Gadgets, and I am always curious about new things. I am a Moderator at AndroidPT, the number one Android Community in Portugal.

My Specialties



With more then six years experience PHP is one of my main skill. It's a very powerful object-oriented server side language, great for developing web apps. From the most complex web applications to the most simple web-sites, PHP can reduce dramatically the time wasted updating your website.



After evolving my skills on server-side development, front-end development became necessary so I could improve visually and functionally the user experience on my apps.
I've then worked and improved a lot my JavaScript skills, and lately have been using jQuery.



Beeing developing HTML since I can remember, I have lately evolved my good practices and some rules I have always missed. I've been trying to keep up with the new HTML5 tags, working to keep my HTML semantically accurate and W3C compliant



With little formation on CSS but with persistence, the help of some professionals and my beloved Firebug I am now able to stylize my work. I've been trying to keep up with the new CSS3 attributes. Have lately beeing working with SASS, a CSS pre processor.